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Videos to tell your daily work

Video contents are the best way to tell your audience your daily work:
we produce corporate videos to get an effective communication
on social media pages, websites and newsletters.


Production of corporate video-interviews to describe people and events. Organizing a specific set area, we give voice to people and opinions immediately after conferences.

Documentaries and case-studies

Professional documentaries to describe a project, with outdoor shootings and video-interviews combined in an effective mix of words and images to promote corporate activity.

Product tutorials/demos

Demonstration videos to explain product’s functions and applications. An easy way to offer your customers a new service and promote the product through effective video images, uploaded on your YouTube channel.

Drone Aerial Videos

Thanks to our drone, we can not only produce aerial footages of factories/production sites, but we can also film indoor thanks to its ultrasonic sensor system.

Still with no social network corporate pages?

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