Starting and planning Social Media Marketing activities

Social Media Marketing means to be present with your company page, news and updates right where your clients’ attention is:
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Slideshare and also Vimeo, Instagram, Pinterest.

First step

Start-up activities on social network – Social Media Marketing

Your clients are there: they read, they post, they share contents, they comment. We create your company pages, we post relevant and scheduled contents.
In a nutshell: if someone is looking for you, they’ll find you, and, yes, your pages are always kept updated.

01. Post writing

We write posts starting from your corporate marketing materials and any contents already available: brochures, catalogs, website, videos, images, news. All your updates are used to create new posts.

02. Planning

We manage your social pages and schedule posts, matching the topics with your corporate event calendar. And here it is: your social media content calendar is ready for daily, weekly or monthly posts.

03. Analytics

Social networks offer the opportunity to get a precise feedback of your posts’ engagement and reach thanks to social analytics. This helps to understand what viewers are most interested in and when they are more active online. This data is then supported also by your website analytics, in order to get a complete and accurate social media strategy.

04. Monitoring

We can monitor your industry keywords and your competitors online. We know when your company is mentioned. So you can keep on concentrating on your business, sure that we’ll inform you only when needed.

Advertising campaigns on social networks

The publication of your news in the social profiles of your potential clients

Do you have a list of companies which are potential clients you would like to reach with your news? 

  • We create sponsored news items on social networks based on a list of target companies or the identification of users by accurate profiling which comprises area of business, role, seniority and region, in order to optimize your campaign to the full. 

  • We work across the board when planning advertising campaigns on various social networks at the same time.

  • The monitoring process takes place in real time: you can see which contents are clicked, viewed and shared, the likes and comments made by the users interacting with your news item. 

  • What about the budget? You only pay when your sponsored news is actually viewed or clicked. 

Never thought of reaching your clients with a corporate Newsletter?

What about a video-case history to describe your services/products?