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Management of social media pages

Graphics and content copywriting for your pages on social media.
LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Ads advertising campaigns. Digital Customer Care.

Strategy e Content Marketing

Brand Positioning and Digital Strategy.
Editorial calendar, content marketing projects.


Social media channels are the virtual place where you can build relationships, talk about your identity and show your work.

Through a careful and strategic management you can achieve:

New opportunities

New contacts

Brand Awareness

Loyal Community

Effective management

of social media channels

Organisation, creativity, analysis and strategy: 4 key steps for social media pages that work. Our experience in communications and B2B has enabled us to create effective, verifiable and implementable processes.

Not all social media channels are the same and you cannot use the same strategy and language for all of them.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube and Vimeo to Slideshare or Pinterest: there are many social networks with different audiences and different communication intentions.

The social media managers at Parklab identify the networks frequented by your clients and of interest to your business. Next, they set up a communications strategy, define an editorial plan, create contents and, if necessary, sponsor content.

Our knowledge of business ecosystems enables us to define working methods that integrate well with company workflows.

Social Media Manager Milano

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Social media activity plan:

how we work.

Start up, material collection, planning and KPIs.

  • In the start-up phase, we identify and collect relevant corporate materials and identify the people or sectors of the company that can supply them. These will be the basis on which we develop posts.
  • We collect all existing corporate materials and organise them into a calendar that gathers all topics, deadlines, trade fairs and company events.
  • We make the most of your existing resources and, if necessary, support you in creating new content. We work flexibly to ensure that we are always up-to-date with any new developments and news.

Content creation, scheduling and publication.

  • We design, write and publish contents for your corporate social pages.
  • The creation of the posts is entrusted to our graphic designers and copywriters. Our social media managers take care of the strategy and, with professional tools, optimise scheduling and publication.
  • We can be completely autonomous in the management of social media and use all the tools to reach your audience at the times and on the days when they are most present.

Audience interactions: clicks, shares, comments.

  • Social networks are constantly monitored and we will alert you in case of notifications relevant to the company. We regularly deliver reports on the performance of posts and interactions to check the strategies and effectiveness of each post.
  • We check for you daily what is happening on your pages. We will let you know in case of comments, clicks or significant shares.
  • Thanks to the monitoring, you are able to track conversations about your brand and take timely action with your followers.

Tools for managing prospects and clients. Lead generation tools.

  • Fast and efficient client support that reaches them promptly through social network messaging.
  • With a preliminary analysis we find frequently asked questions (FAQs) and arrange the answers on a list of automated answers (BOTs) that provide for the standard needs of your clients.
  • Digital customer care saves your company time and makes communication quick.

Social media advertising campaigns

Results-driven budget

For the most interesting topics, we can choose to invest budgets agreed with the company to sponsor and disseminate content beyond the organic reach of the page. 

Precise targets

We can accurately target groups of people who may be potential clients and show them the post for lead generation. We are also able to identify the position of prospects and the company they work for and have them receive messages and communications to turn them into interested contacts. 

"We manage LinkedIn Ads campaign, a very powerful tool for every B2B digital marketing strategy."

ClaudioProject Manager

Google My Business and Google Maps Management

These are very important tools, yet often neglected by companies. 

Taking good care of your Google My Business page allows your clients to find all your contact details immediately and improves your ranking on search engines. 

For this reason, we optimise Google My Business, including claiming ownership if needed, and we check the correct location of the company on Google Maps, resolving conflicts and inaccuracies. 

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