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Strategic analysis

and search engine ranking

SEO posizionamento siti web

“More than 60 % of marketing experts say that improving SEO and increasing organic presence are priorities. Our SEO campaigns are tailored to the strategic goals of your business, whether you are a start-up or a more established company.”

Our SEO strategy for a successful website ranking

Our goal is to generate and drive quality traffic from search engines to your website pages, increasing the number of users and brand reputation. We will work with you to understand how SEO can enhance the visibility and ranking of your website, to improve the user experience and ultimately increase conversions. 

Our SEO strategy is comprehensive and covers all aspects that improve organic ranking. Through a data-driven approach, we develop an SEO project that leads to better user experience and conversions. 

One aspect is strictly technical: analysis of server logs, optimisation for mobile devices, editing of pages and URLs. 

Then, we cover more familiar aspects such as keyword research and creation of content optimised for search engines. 

We also take care of the so called “off-site SEO”: i.e. we build up the authority of the website and drive referral traffic with link building. 

Quality traffic




Ranking in searches


User experience




Keyword search




Link building

SEO posizionamento siti web

How is a website positioning strategy structured?

Search engine optimisation is an articulated process that starts with objectives and analysis and ends with on-page and off-page strategies. In an increasingly crowded digital landscape, SEO must be entrusted to teams of specialists who can handle all aspects of this fascinating but complex subject.

Website ranking (SEO) starts with market research and analysis

Successful SEO campaigns are based on research. 

More than keyword research and search volumes, it is essential to work on the purchasing and browsing behaviour of your ideal buyer personas. 

This enables you to find the intentions and questions of users, map out inbound channels and understand your brand’s positioning. 

A careful analysis of the presence of your pages and those of your competitors in search engine results is essential to define a SEO strategy. 

In this phase all monitoring tools are checked and configured. Analysis tools and platforms such as SEMrush or SEOZoom, Google Analytics and Google Search Console must be integrated into the website. It is also essential to define Tag Managers to monitor conversions. 

Creazione realizzazione siti internet web Milano

SEO means website usability and positioning

The technical part is relevant to Google. Our web developers adopt the best templates and state-of-the-art coding to optimise page speed and the mobile version of your website. 

Google and other search engines always evaluate the website usability. We suggest the necessary changes to improve your search engine ranking and optimise the conversion process. 

We also analyse and improve Google My Business page. 


Strategic and SEO-oriented content

Content is the driving force for being visible in organic search. Good quality content attracts visitors and converts them into clients. All contents must be strategic, designed to increase brand authority and respond to keyword research. 

Our content creation process therefore starts with a thorough research of keywords and a competitive analysis to identify opportunities in your market. Then highly engaging blog articles and white papers are developed, working on creating new website pages or optimising existing ones. 

Generate more traffic with backlinks and dissemination of content

One of the most important SEO tools is the set-up of a link strategy.  These links may be internal ones: i.e. linking to other pages on the same website is essential; or external, coming from other websites’ articles, blogs or forums: making use of those is very useful. Another option is Digital PR: this involves referrals to your website pages from social networks, LinkedIn for example. 

To gain more visibility, at Parklab we use links to build connections with websites relevant to the company’s business. We work with our social media team to distribute content and make sure that any strategy undertaken is aligned with business goals. 

Analysis and monitoring for SEO that works

The best decisions are always based on data obtained from traffic and conversion monitoring. This is especially true for SEO, which is time-consuming and requires constant monitoring.

Data are obtained through a combination of the main tools. We start with Google tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Tag Manager, move on to analysis platforms, and finally to manual evaluations that give qualitative indications of web traffic. With Parklab, you will discover that SEO is not just about ranking of keywords, but above all about optimising your website, the success of your landing pages, the effectiveness of your content and evaluating your ROI.

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