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Newsletter subscribers are a real company asset. An email marketing strategy turns this resource into relations, interested people and conversions. Make the most of your contacts!

HTML Design

We create the template and the layout of contents.

Landing page

We design landing pages for lead generation.


We use retargeting systems based on interactions.


We produce detailed reports.

Newsletter layout, content and analytics, Email marketing campaigns

Get the maximum performance from your newsletters

Email marketing is still little used and often not used in the right way. But a well-planned newsletter service has a huge potential in terms of generating and nurturing leads. 

At Parklab we support you with optimising your existing database and finding new contact strategies. We create customised templates in line with the company’s corporate image and give shape to the content with texts and images. 

Through a dedicated software, we schedule and send the newsletter. 

The last step is monitoring the performance with a detailed report of the campaign: views, emails opened and the number of clicks. This data can be used to improve targeting and focus on new commercial and advertising strategies. 

We have written an article on how to write B2B marketing emails too >

Effective design

HTML responsive layout

  • We create templates in HTML format, optimised for receiving responsive email marketing campaigns on smartphones and tablets.
  • The HTML code allows the insertion of monitoring tags which are necessary for checking interactions of the recipients. Emails are more attractive and, above all, enjoyable on any device with automatic resizing of buttons and images.
  • The message is more effective than text-only emails.
Definition of targets

Database optimisation

  • In the start-up phase, we check and test the entire mailing list and manage inactive users.
  • We collect all the leads in your company and identify how to grow the audience and where opportunities for genereting new contacts are. We also improve lead generation developing landing pages that encourage registration for events, webinars or e-books and video downloads.
  • Database quality influences the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns by more than 60%, so it is very important that your mailing list is always up-to-date.
Newsletter aziendali esempi
Specific software

Strategies to increase the opening rate

  • We work with a professional and tested mailing software that doesn’t use bulk mailings.
  • For international companies with subscribers located in different time zones, we send campaigns that automatically match the geographical area of the recipient thanks to tools that identify domains and address servers.
  • The use of automated individual mailings prevents the newsletter from being received as spam.
Matching e Lead generation

Social matching and registration forms

  • We compare the data of subscribers with their social network profiles. For example, if one of your contacts is registered on LinkedIn and changes job, we can update the database and change the Email Marketing strategy on their new career interests.
  • The company’s website and social network pages can integrate a customised registration form in order to collect more newsletter subscribers and grow the audience for email marketing campaigns.
  • All our forms comply with the GDPR in accordance with protection of personal data and privacy.

Email retargeting

The analysis of the results of B2B email marketing campaigns improve direct communication. Evaluating the openings and clicks of each recipient allows to create dedicated funnels and send messages a few days later with in-depth content based on the preferences expressed by each user. This retargeting significantly increases positive feedback and engagement with your company. 


Contacts Ranking

Thanks to the accurate tracking of actions, we identify the most active recepients: they are true brand ambassadors, who appreciate the newsletter content, read it and share it. Each contact on the mailing list is given a rating depending on their actions: openings, clicks, shares. And based on their involvement, communication and commercial offers may then be customised.

Landing page?

Yes, please!

Let’s design your next landing page together

Strategic landing pages are the best way to run effective marketing or lead generation campaigns and to launch new products/services. We design landing pages useful for both newsletter communications and for social media advertising. 

Content and analysis

We take care of creating interesting contents for your target audience: copywriting, videos, graphics. We use Analytics and A/B testing to assess the results.

“In addition to the eye-catching layout of an effective landing page, it is crucial to pay attention to copy-writing and the call to action so as to convey a persuasive message.”

Who is writing your newsletters?
If you want we can write them for you!

Corporate newsletters and email marketing campaigns:

monitoring clicks and analytics

Data analysis enables us to identify the habits and preferences of the recipients.
These insights can be used to refine content, generate targeted messages to subscribers and identify brand ambassadors.



We provide detailed reports and create a dashboard that can be accessed in real time. We support you with understanding and using data.


Let's look at all the parameters that indicate the success of a newsletter: delivery rate, email openings, clicked links, cancellations.

Big Data

Data helps improve the database, gives tips on the quality of the content and is necessary for remarketing and retargeting actions.
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Let's build your email marketing system together

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