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in Milan, ITALY

Parklab is your digital marketing agency based in Milan, Italy.

We offer you and your company the best digital transformation, marketing strategy, creativity, social media management, and exhibition solutions, with an approach designed for the B2B markets in Italy and all around the world.

Parklab is strategy, innovation and creativity that never stops looking forward.



From our offices in Milan, Italy, we create bespoke and data-driven digital marketing solutions to help our clients generate a global and local impact.

As a digital marketing agency in Milan, Italy, we understand that the digital world is deeply shaping businesses and customer interactions, and it radically transformed companies’ tools to communicate and sell.

Today being present online is no longer enough: you need to know how to do it, with what strategy, what the competition is doing, and how to place your brand in an increasingly crowded and competitive web.

Placing your company and using digital opportunities in the right and profitable way is a measurable, quantifiable process based on data.

Together, we can study your unique case, starting from the study of web analytics and digital reputation, the analysis of competitors and the market situation, and the definition of corporate objectives and assets.

With this information, it is possible to develop a digital marketing strategy that goes beyond the local impact of our agency in Milan, Italy, to the European and global markets.

An Holistic Experience

From our office in Milan, Italy, we structure our digital marketing agency with the best campaigns, a global approach, and comprehensive and consistent control of all communication channels.

A Tailor-made Marketing Offer

We know that your business is unique, and so are its needs. That is why we pinpoint the objectives in each of our digital marketing campaigns to reach an adequate return on investment (ROI), choosing accordingly only the best processes, the most relevant channels, and just the perfect target groups.


Working as a digital marketing agency means not just helping our clients from our office in Milan, Italy, to have the best possible website or to publish on social media.
It means supporting them in developing an organic relationship system between the different subjects that make up the company: suppliers, employees, stakeholders, and customers.

It implies designing the best scenario to thrive and helping them compete in their markets in the best possible way.
We forge enveloping, pleasant, simple digital experiences to increase the loyalty of regular customers, reach new customers with B2B lead generation, enhance customer care’s effectiveness, and bring the brand closer to people.

Our digital marketing agency in Milan, Italy, does it always through data-driven approaches.
Obtaining, organizing, and analyzing data is the foundation of our job and allows us to make informed and unbiased decisions and predict future scenarios.

Digital positioning goes beyond marketing or advertising to become a growth and business factor with concrete and lasting value.




Brand visual
& verbal Identity

Email Marketing
& Copywriting

Social Media
Marketing B2B

Graphic design
& video


Exhibition stand design
& construction

How our digital marketing agency based in Milan (Italy) works

At Parklab, we always start our job evaluating the company’s digital presence through a quantifiable and data-based process.
Through this first phase, we can obtain a snapshot of the current company’s digital situation, including its results, employed tools, and a picture of the market and the competitors.  This information allows us to develop a final strategic document to answer the client’s needs. 

The document includes the needed actions and the specific timeline for the unique case. From designing a new user experience to creating an editorial calendar for publication on social networks and blogs, we can take care of the digital marketing needs of your business. Also, we have experience in creating synergies between online and offline events, supporting you and your brand in the best global exhibitions.

We merge technology into the creative process to deliver our clients the best possible experience as a digital marketing agency.


The right place, the right moment.

Our digital marketing agency located in Milan, Italy, is specialised in helping B2B companies to flourish in a saturated market through the best strategies.
For example, we can create content and tailor-made inbound marketing journeys to position your company as the right choice, in the right place and at the right time, helping you obtain qualified traffic to the company website, and convert.
Today, your company does not need an aggressive marketing plan but the right strategy!

Your social media partner.

Our experience in content creation and social media management allows us to offer our clients the best social-related services, for the Italian and the international market.

For example, our digital marketing agency in Milan, Italy, specialises in content creation, management, content production, analytics, and paid ads on LinkedIn for companies.

This social network is designed for B2B, is the largest professional network in the world, and is the best channel to display the best of your business culture, professional knowledge, and employees’ advocacy!

Parklab, your digital marketing agency in Milan, Italy.
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