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Production, management and reporting of Corporate newsletters

Email Marketing

A 360° service for the production and management of corporate newsletters and direct email marketing (DEM) campaigns.

Database > organization of business contacts and data normalization for a targeted communication
Design > creation of personalized template designed from the ideal concept for your newsletter
Contents > content drafting and editing, creation of graphics and layout.
Publication > campaign building, email sending software, reports (opens, clicks, new subscribers, forwards etc.)

In detail:

Parklab - responsive layout newsletter

Responsive layout

Our newsletters are device responsive to facilitate clicks and reading, thanks to the scaling of buttons and texts

Email retargeting

after the first newsletter is sent, depending on opens and clicks of the single contact, we can re-profile the target audience and deliver specific contents to groups of subscribers according to the preferences they have shown: opens and clicks visibly increase


Timewarp technology allows to send newsletters according to the receiver local time: in this way, all of your contacts will receive your newsletter at the scheduled time according to their time zone. No more emails received at night!


Social matching

We can enrich your database by adding social networks data on your contacts

Contacts ranking

We assign a ranking to each mailing list subscriber according to their newsletter history: opens, clicks, forwards; actions that identify and give value to each contact, so that you can easily find your brand ambassadors

Reporting system

Advanced analysis of opens, clicks, interactions, forwards, social shares: in real time and useful to update your mailing list

Subscription form

Customized registration forms that we can integrate immediately on your website and on your Facebook page

Would you like to reach more clients but you don’t have time to write contents?

Still with no social network corporate pages?